Design & Engineering

Prominent Catia V5 Design and Engineering Analysis Services in Malaysia

Computer-aided design (CAD) applications are among the services in our portfolio. Using state of the art applications such as Catia V5, our design engineers offer the unrivalled capacity to model any product in the context of its real-world behaviour, in addition to simulating its physical properties.

Our design engineers are able to utilize engineering analysis to simulate performance to help with product design or engineering difficulties in a variety of sectors. This encompasses product simulation, verification, and optimization, as well as production methods and equipment.

Our experience distinguishes us from the competitions in Malaysia when it comes to intricate configurations and difficult-to-process materials. With the aid of Delcam, a cutting-edge CAD/CAM software package developed to enable efficient machine tool control during the manufacturing process, perform computer modelling and virtual machining, and ensure that critical components are created to specifications.

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